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welcome to living in style

Live love and laugh

Welcome to Living in Style, where we blog about every subject that can improve the style in our lives. Welcome to living and making the most of your lifestyle.

Living in style should be a balance between being happy with what we have and feeling good enough about ourselves to enjoy it. A mix of mind over body matters and leading a healthy life, the most important aspect to feel happier and more satisfied with the way we live. The subject of life and living is so vast and the various topics to write about, almost limitless.

Marcela and her healthy tips , a welcome to living well,will focus on living through fitness and nutrition with more than a hint of beauty guidelines and treatments. How do we live our lives? How should we exercise and what should we eat? If we somehow make it part of our daily regiment and lifestyle and follow her advice, it should not be that difficult to feel and look better. Enjoy her article and appreciate a healthy life, practice everyday and turn it into a lifestyle you will enjoy.

Other welcome to living and lifestyle subjects will include travel and interesting places with tips on how to make the most of our holidays. We will blog about the lighter side of news and curiosities, luxury, novelty and useful items on the market, including advice on where best to acquire them. Our blog pages will also include more specific topics of interest about property and other services from our experts and contributors. Your contributions are always welcome!

In fact we invite you to share some topics with us in your sphere of expertise or give us some feedback on the different blogs we publish. We look forward to sharing information and advice with you. If you read something interesting on our blog you are welcome to share it on your Facebook or other Social Media pages! Thanks for being here and happy reading!

“May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart!”  an Eskimo proverb that offers a welcome to living, loving and laughing.


The amazing color displays and formations of the Northern Lights

The amazing color displays and formations of the Northern Lights