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Marcela is tough on health and fitness but she really wants the best for you!

natural acne remedies

Natural acne remedies are better treatments

Natural acne remedies are often more effective and soothing treatments than the many products found on the market. Our grandmother’s old recipes are still as important today as they were so many years ago....

flat abdominals

Flat abdominals 8 ways to get there

8 rules to lose weight around the belly and gain flat abdominals fast! 1. Eat fibre-rich vegetables and preferably eat them raw. Calculate around half your daily diet should include fresh vegetables and salads. Fibre combats...

reduce cellulite

Reduce cellulite tips in 30 days

Cellulite is often termed as the enemy of beautiful skin. It gives the skin an orange peel appearance. It is estimated to affect 90 per cent of women. Some experts say it is hereditary...

Ballerina Diet

Ballerina diet, good eating habits.

If you want to shed those few extra kilos, try following the ‘Ballerina Diet’. Small portions at regular intervals is is the main eating plan. Ironically this diet is effective even if you don’t lead a physically...