Best Algarve beaches, romantic, remote Portugal

  • Algarve Highway
    Toll station at the Portuguese border
  • Tavira fishing port
    Fishermen leaving port at Tavira, Portugal
  • IMG_5762
    Riverside restaurants at Tavira
  • Lagos
    Lagos charming town worth a visit
  • Portugal beach
    One of the many beaches on the Algarve coast
  • Portuguese Pottery
    The pottery factory on the way to the beach
  • IMG_5895
    The most beautiful beaches in Europe
  • Atlantic coast beach
    Atlantic coast beaches are enormous and remote
  • IMG_5903
  • IMG_5910
  • Praia Zavial
    Awesome and remote Portuguese beaches
  • IMG_5957
  • IMG_6033
  • ponte piedale
    The beautiful rock formations along Ponte Piedale
  • zavial
    Romantic and remote beaches in the Algarve

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